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CSS Fleet management system helps reduce and control your fleet costs, manage compliance and improve driver behaviour.
Fleet Management System
Fleet Management
The cost of fuel is ever increasing so fleet managers need to do whatever they can to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. The way in which your drivers operate your vehicles can have a huge impact on fuel efficiency. Safety Shield Systems Fleet Management system will provide real time tracking of your fleet with detailed information such as:

  • Speed
  • Direction of travel
  • Distance travelled
  • Engine stop/start and drivers name.

Other information such as stopped with engine running, speeding diagnostic alerts and driver behaviour are all recorded.

Safety is an important factor when it comes to driving. Our Fleet Management System can identify snf report exceptional events such as:

  • Breaking
  • High Speeds
  • Lane Deviations
  • Sudden Accelleration and Deceleration
  • Dangerous Passing
You can manage your fleet in real time from any internet connected computer.

  • Access from office, home, hotels, or any public place
  • Secure acess
  • Up to date maps
  • High quality reports
  • Satellite positioning


At Safety Shield Systems we understand the importance of keeping costs down, and with the ever increasing prices of fuel and insurance it’s never been as important as now.
Our fleet management system keeps your personnel and investment safeguarded with a full suite of driver behaviour monitoring systems. This can also be linked in to our Cycle Safety Shield technology giving you a management tool to keep track of your fleet, whilst also helping to insure driver safety.

Reduce the risks of accidents, help reduce and control your costs and increase the efficiency of your business.

The Safety Shield Fleet Management System will produced personalised reports with the ability to observe any vehicle in real time. This can help to maintain a seamless workflow and ensure deliveries and pickups run on time. Below are some of the features of our fleet management system:

•    Headway Monitoring
•    Forward Collision Warning
•    Cyclist, Pedestrian and Motorcycle warnings recorded
•    Instant and accurate GPS tracking
•    Vehicle Recovery
•    Simple and easy to use access through our online facility
•    Notifications if any vehicle is speeding or idle for an extended period of time
•    Optimised route planning facility, with custom reports and vehicle history
•    Real time alerts via email and SMS
•    Drive ID capabilities
•    Help manage and reduce your fuel costs with better driver behaviour  (average 6% fuel saving)
•    Garmin Navigation Integration
•    Access your account via your Smartphone
•    Technology that has been test and used worldwide

So with increasing internal costs, competition and limited ability to pass these costs on to your clients, it’s even more important to ensure you keep your costs down or even better reduce them! Without the correct procedures and systems in place the efficiency and profitability of your business can suffer and you may find it hard to compete and grow your business.

The Safety Shield Fleet Management system can help prevent this and ensure you manage your fleet efficiently and safety.
To find out more get in touch and see how Safety Shield Systems can help you.

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