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Each year in the UK around 19,000 road accidents involving cylcists occur, resulting in serious injury or death.
Our 360 degree collision detection system helps save lives.

Utility Safety Shield

Utility Safety Shield protects overhead cables from construction plant strikes and can be installed by a single person in approx. 5 minutes.

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Banksman Safety Shield

Banksman Safety Shiled enables the Banksman to disable plant on site of they notice or are made aware of a dangerous situation.

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Traffic Safety Shield

Traffic Safety Shield has both long and short range capabilities and protects both the workforce and traffic when the barrier is breached.

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Rail Safety Shield

Rail Safety Shield has been designed as a safety protection barrier when working adjacent to live rail lines with construction plant.

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Zone Safety Shield

Zone Safety Shield has been developed to warn site personnel when an unauthorised person enters a restricted zone.

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Personnel Safety Shield

Personnal Safety Shield protects the workforce by warning the plant operator and site personnel when entering a danger zone.

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