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Designed as a safety protection barrier when working adjacent to live rail lines with construction plant.
Rail Shield


Rail Safety Shield is a light weight simple to install safety protection system that integrates into existing safety procedures. Rail Safety Shield creates an invisible safety fence which can be used whilst working adjacent to live rail lines.

The system creates an invisible fence between 1m – 4m high depending on the application.

The system consists of lightweight portable units that can be erected by one person in a matter of seconds. Each unit can be placed 100m apart to form the invisible fence and multiple units can be wirelessly linked together to create your desired distance with no limitations.

Zone Shield

When the plant reaches the set distance away from the barrier the plant is disabled. The plant cannot cross the invisible fence. There is also a warning light and siren inside and outside the plant that alerts the driver and the site personnel that the plant has been disabled. To enable the plant the operator must press the reset button and move away from the barrier. If they try to cross the barrier again the plant will be disabled.

Rail Safety Shield can be easily installed in a matter of minutes and taken from site to site, reducing valuable time and costs of erecting standard fencing.

  • Rail Shield can be easily installed and taken from site to site.
  • The system covers 200m and consists of 3 lightweight units 2m high, which can be set up in less than 10 minutes by one person
  • Each unit is rechargeable and lasts approx. 5 days
  • Longer life batteries can be provided or the system can be hard wired for longer applications


Can Also Be Used in Conjunction With The Following Equipment
Utility Shield
360 Degree Camera
360 Degree Camera The 360 degree view allows the plant operator to view the plant from above eliminating blind spots. This allows the operator to clearly see site personnel and objects that are in the danger area of the plant reducing collisions between plant and personnel.

Personnel Safety Shield
Personnel Safety Shield Personnel safety Shield utilises unique state of the art transponders and receivers to detect the presence of personnel within a pre-set distance of Plant and Vehicles.

Banksman Safety Shield
Banksman Safety Shield Banksman Shield is a system designed to assist site banksman working with plant and machinery. The system enables the Banksman to instantly disable plant on site if they notice a dangerous situation. This will assist the Banksman when there are untagged personnel such as the general public dangerously close to moving plant.