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Designed to protect the workforce from driver collision and drivers from plant strikes.

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Cone Barrier Detection

Cone Barrier Detection


Plant Barrier Detection

Traffic Safety Shield


Traffic Safety Shield is a light weight simple to install safety protection system that integrates into existing traffic management procedures. The system is suitable for use in different environments such as construction, highways maintenance, rail and industrial. Traffic safety shield creates an invisible safety fence around existing traffic management systems such as cones and barriers.
The system works in two ways. It protects the workforce by alerting them if the protected coned area is breached by traffic and also protects the traffic from plant slewing in to live highway lanes.

The system creates an invisible fence between 1m – 4m high depending on the application.
The system consists of lightweight portable units that can be erected by one person in a matter of seconds. Each unit can be placed 100m apart to form the invisible fence and multiple units can be wirelessly linked together to create your desired distance with no limitations.

Alarm units are then placed close to each work crew which can also be magnetically mounted to vehicles. If the invisible fence is breached then the alarm unit will instantly alert the work crews of the danger by a siren and visual warning lights.


The system will also send a text or voice message to specified telephone numbers to warn management, health and safety officers and security that an incident has occurred.

Traffic safety
Traffic Safety Shield not only protects the work force but also protects the road users from collision with construction plant working in the coned area. If the fence is breached by an item of plant then the system will disable the plant until it moves away from the fence. If the plant again tries to move towards the fence then the system will again disable the plant.

In addition to the plant being disabled an external and internal siren and warning light will warn the plant operator and the work crew that the fence is being breached.

Motion sensor units
In addition to the invisible fence system Traffic Safety Shield can also provide motion sensor units for smaller traffic management jobs, road tapers.
The units can be installed into existing road lights or Skipper units and will link with the invisible fence and the alarm box giving the same warnings and alerts.
The units are fitted into a cone light and then placed on top of the cone, if the cone is knocked by a vehicle then the alarm will sound warning the work crew.

Traffic Safety Shield Alarm Unit

The alarm box can be carried by personnel within the coned area or mag mounted to a vehicle.
If the coned area is breached the workforce within the coned area will receive a visual and loud audio alert to warn them of the approaching hazard allowing them time to react to the situation
The unit has a battery life of approx. 5 days and can be recharged with the sup[plied adaptor from a vehicle or 240v socket.

Traffic Safety Shield


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