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State of the art protection for overhead cables and structures.
Utility Shield
The system comprises of two sensors which can be fitted underneath the utility wishing to be protected.

When sensors will detect any vehicle or plant becoming to close to the overhead asset and create an audio alarm and strobe light to warn the operator.

There is also the option to disable the plant when the alarm sounds making it impossible for the driver to damage the overhead assets and gives them time to then reset and move out of danger.
The system is a low cost effective plug and play system that can be easily installed in less than 10 minutes by one person.

The system also has a remote warning function which can send SMS messages to pre stored mobile phone numbers which will also record the date and time and location the alarm was triggered.


Utility Safety Shield has been developed with the significant application being its use when fitted to Construction excavators, however,
the system can be applied to various other applications where a risk of striking utilies, overhead lines, and overhead gantries exists.
Various applications onto a range of Plant / Vehicles; cranes, Forklifts, Telehandlers etc.
The system can be designed for a range of bespoke applications.

Fitting and commissioning

Our export teams will fit the system and commission ready for use together with training for the client’s chosen members of staff. Additional training can be arranged if requested.


Utility Shield
360 Degree Camera
360 Degree Camera The 360 degree view allows the plant operator to view the plant from above eliminating blind spots. This allows the operator to clearly see site personnel and objects that are in the danger area of the plant reducing collisions between plant and personnel.

Personnel Safety Shield
Personnel Safety Shield Personnel safety Shield utilises unique state of the art transponders and receivers to detect the presence of personnel within a pre-set distance of Plant and Vehicles.

Banksman Safety Shield
Banksman Safety Shield Banksman Safety Shield is a system designed to assist site Banksman working with plant and machinery. The system enables the Banksman to instantly disable plant on site if they notice a dangerous situation. This will assist the Banksman when there are untagged personnel such as the general public dangerously close to moving plant.


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